Where Imagination Shall Exceed


Hakima Studios Animation

If you’re looking for something exciting to watch you can check out our latest animated shortd right here. We’re always working on new and exciting projects so make you don’t miss out on the next big thing.

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Artwork & Stuff

Hakima Studios Artwork & stuff

If you love freebies you’ll definitley enjoy our amaxing FREE download section filled with plenty of amazing artwork and fun ‘Quotes With Monki’ for you to enjoy, share and be inspired by.

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Online Comics

Hakima Studios Online Comics

Love comic strips? Then you’ve come to the right place. Catch up on the latest episodes of ‘The Chronicles of JD & SK’. We have plenty more epic-ness on the way so stay tuned.

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The Blog

Hakima Studios Blog

We’ve always got something to say on our blog, whether we’re reviewing the latest Hollywood blockbuster or giving you an update on what’s happening with our own little projects.

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