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Warcraft: Beginnings (Spoiler Free Review)

Warcraft: Beginnings – Movie Review


Last night I was finally able to feast my eyes upon the epic movie ‘Warcraft: Beginnings’. I can’t deny that I had a pretty fun time watching at the theatre with this one and with a few tweaks here and there I believe I could have liked it much, much more. I feel it’s important to say that I’ve never played World of Warcraft so I had no idea of what to expect going into this flick. Despite this I was excited to watch this feature because I’m a lover of anything fantasy.

Overall I loved the bold and creative designs of the costumes throughout the movie; although there were times I felt they were a little too glossy. The armour worn by the soldiers looked as though they’d never been used in battle before which lead them too looking like nothing more than really good cosplay. As a matter of fact, I didn’t just feel this way about the costumes, this also carried over to some of the background scenery in the movie. There many instances where I just didn’t believe that the characters were in the places they were portrayed to be; often they seemed to be distant from their surroundings. The orcs on the other hand looked frigging awesome for the most part, especially during close ups and action set pieces. The animators did a great job of conveying the emotions of the orcs throughout this movie so I can’t knock them there. It was only when the camera was at midrange that it became quite apparent that the orcs were nothing more than CGI characters. Now, there were times when I felt as though I was watching a cut scene from a computer game; however, whether or not I would have felt this way if I didn’t know this movie was based on a game is up for debate.


Throughout pretty much this entire film there was one thing that I couldn’t help but notice, which was that all of the main characters in ‘Warcraft: Beginnings’ seemed to be of a similar age; you never really see any children or elderly people which made it harder to believe that there were actually people for our supposed heroes to save. I wish I could’ve felt a little more invested in this world since it appeared to be so fantastical; having a few shots here and there of regular citizens going on about their daily lives would’ve allowed us to see that this is a real place with real people who are leading real lives.

I’m a sucker for beautiful scenery so it was quite disappointing for me that we didn’t get much time to admire the wonders of the world introduced to us in ‘Warcraft: Beginnings’. It would’ve been nice to have seen a few shots that’d introduce us to the various magical & mystic lands that exist in the World of Warcraft.

It’s clear that this movie is only the first part of an ongoing series so there’s a lot more story to be told. The story arc in this instalment of Warcraft wasn’t anything too ambitious but it was good enough to hold my interest until the end.  However, halfway through the film it did get a little muddled and it was confusing to figure out whom main antagonist of the movie was.

All in all, ‘Warcraft: Beginnings’ is a pretty decent movie and definitely worth a watch on the big screen. It’s no ‘Lord of the Rings’ but I’d say it was the closest thing we’ve had since that epic movie trilogy hit theatres… not counting ‘Game of Thrones’ of course.


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