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Top Ten Anime List 2014

naruto-anime-review1. Naruto

Synopsis: Naruto is currently one of the leading super powered anime series; it’s a tale of joy, tragedy & comedy and let’s not forget wild mind blowing action! The story follows a young ninja from a village called Konoha on his epic journey of self-discovery as he strives to become the next leader of the village, otherwise known as the Hokage. The anime begins with an all-out brawl between a nine-tailed demon fox and the ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village(Konoha). The demon fox is eventually defeated by the 4th Hokage and sealed inside of a new-born child (Naruto). As Naruto grows up he is endlessly tormented and hated by the majority of the villagers in Konoha as they fear that one day he’ll become the demon fox. However, it’s this very hatred that continues to inspire Naruto to become stronger and pushes him towards his goal of becoming the Hokage.

The things I like: One of the best things about Naruto is the depth of the characters. Each character has their own dreams, stories accompanied by intriguing personalities that enable them to remain relevant throughout the series. Their in-depth and interesting back stories make it easy for us to identify with them leading us to develop strong emotional attachments. The quality of the action is endlessly impressive and will have you begging for more each and every time; with the cleverly scripted showdowns that are appear in Naruto you never know who, or how a battle will be won.

The things I don’t like: Fillers (a mini story arc that has little/ nothing to with the main story), one of the most hated things in all time and space – in the world of anime at least. Naruto had 3 years of filler episodes which frustrated tons of its viewers. Many fans of the series decided to pick up and read the manga in order to continue with the main story. If you’re new to the series you can consider yourself lucky as you’ll be able to skip all of the filler episodes (if you wish) and carry on with the good stuff.

one-piece-anime-review2. One Piece

Synopsis: One Piece is perhaps the longest running super powered anime of all time. The story of Once Piece follows the adventures of the young pirate “Luffy” as he and his crew journey across the world in search of the mysterious treasure known as the “One Piece”.  Luffy has a unique ability in that his body is completely made of rubber, a power that he gained from eating a devil fruit (a special fruit that grants those who eat one a random supernatural ability). However, this power comes at a price, those who eat a devil fruit will lose all of their strength whenever they come into contact with the ocean (which is a pretty big deal if you’re a pirate). Luffy travels to a distant and dangerous ocean known as the Grand Line where the One Piece treasure is believed to be hidden. On this epic adventure Luffy and his crew encounter powerful and terrifying enemies that you wouldn’t hope to see in your worst nightmares.

The things I like:  One Piece is hilarious and places a load of focus on the characters and the relationships they forge. The One Piece universe is wildly creative and is consistently revealing new lands and characters that never fail to amaze. The concepts and character designs in the One Piece anime are very unique which goes a long way in distinguishing One Piece from the anime crowd.

The things I don’t Like:  One piece takes a while to really get going, it begins with very short story arcs and things don’t really begin to heat up until about at episode 92. However, you can’t skip the slow parts of the show as it’s important to get to know the main characters and their backgrounds so that you can truly appreciate what’s to come. The length of the anime can also be quite off putting for those who are just starting; One Piece started airing in 1999 and apparently we’re only half way through the story – so there’s still a long way to go.

code-geass-anime-review3. Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion – R1 (Season 1) / R2 (Season 2)

Synopsis: Code Geass follows the story of the intelligent high school student Lelouch Lamperouge currently known as Lelouch Vi Britannia – an exiled Britannian prince. Lelouch’s adventure begins when he finds himself caught up in an undesirable situation, Lelouch is facing certain death when a beautiful lady known as ‘C2’ emerges from the shadows and gifts him with a super power known as ‘Geass’ (Power of the King). Those blessed with a Geass inherit a special ability at random; Lelouch’s Geass gives him total control over any living subject. Lelouch uses his new found ability to lead a rebellion against the Britannian Empire but quickly learns that he is not the only one who has been granted with the power of Geass. As Lelouch strives to become the saviour of the ill-treated Japanese citizens, otherwise known as 11’,  he is forced to learn the extent to which the power of a Geass can reach

The things I Like:  Despite the dark tones in the story of Code Geass the characters are still very charming whilst allowing us to maintain the belief that their situation is dire. Code Geass is filled to the brim with plot twist, betrayal, emotional rollercoasters and amazing action packed episodes. It’s quite easy to develop attachments to the various characters in the show and the suspense of who will live and who will die will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The things I don’t like:  Spoiler!!!

death-note-anime-review4. Death Note

Synopsis: The story of Death Note is centred on the high achieving Light Yagami who comes across a lost notebook previously belonging to a shinigami (death god). This notebook allows the user to kill anybody in the world by simply writing down their first and last name. Eventually the shinigami who “lost” the notebook tracks it down, only to find that Light has devised a master plan to kill every criminal in the world. Once he accomplishes this goal Light hopes to become what he describes as “The God of the New World” a peaceful place for those with good and kind hearts to live. However, things take a turn for the worst when the world-famous detective “L” makes it his life mission to bring Light to justice for his crime of murder.

The things I like: Death Note is one hell of a roller coaster because you never know just what’s going to happen next. Death Note is filled with an obscene amount of suspense and has more than enough thrills to keep you on your toes throughout the series. The terrifying tension between Light and L is immense, it’s almost impossible to decide on who you should root for.

The things I don’t like:  Spoiler!!!

dragonball-z-anime-review5. Dragonball Z

Synopsis: Dragonball Z centres around a group of warriors once referred to as the Z fighters. The Z fighters are lead by the powerful Saiyan (alien race) warrior “Goku” and their sole mission is to defend the universe against some of the most terrifying and powerful villains in anime history. With the help of the dragonballs (mystical balls that will grant you any wish if you collect all 7) the Z fighters use their immense power to protect all of existence in space and time against god-like evil doers.

The things I like: The over powered and exaggerated action scenes in Dragonball Z are epically stunning and continue to amaze throughout the show. Dragonball Z is also filled with plenty of comedy and has cliff hangers that’ll have you pulling out your hair at the end of every episode. The Dragonball Z universe is gigantic so there’s always something new to see that’ll surely blow your mind.

The things I don’t like: Dragonball Z is a great anime but in comparison to some other super powered anime, the DBZ story and its characters can be a little linear. The story is also filled with tons of plot holes so many of the concepts that crop up throughout the series aren’t very consistent. It’d also have been great if the characters had a little more depth to them in regards to their histories and personal identities, this would allow for a deeper connection to form between them and the audience as well as enabling all of the supporting characters to remain relevant until the shows end.

magi-anime-review6. Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic episodes (season 1) / The Kingdom of Magic (season 2)

Synopsis: The story of Magi follows the life of a young powerful magi (a magician born with the task of choosing a king) known as Aladdin. For most of his life Aladdin had been sealed away inside of a mysterious room until it was time for him to choose the next king who’d be the one to bring about balance to the world.  Upon his release Aladdin soon meets the dungeon conqueror, Alibaba and young girl known as Morgiana – a Fanalis (a hunting tribe from the Dark Continent) who decide to help him in his battle against those that wish to destroy the flow of fate. Magi is set in an ancient world, a world filled with magic, mystery and adventure; as Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana journey across the several regions fighting for everything that stands for good they encounter various forms of dark magic that’ll change the shape of their world forever.

The things I like: The various concepts of magic used in Magi are pretty awesome, The world of Magi is vast so there’s always something new to discover that’ll keep intrigued and on your toes. The characters are hilarious, interesting and unique which helps in truly giving this anime life. The overall aesthetics of Magi are very pleasing to the eye and the designs of character will cause you to fall in love with them instantaneously. Although Aladdin is the main super power, he is not the be all and end all of the series, therefore leaving much room for the supporting characters to maintain relevance as the story progresses.
The things I don’t like:  There are points in Magi where the story arcs can feel slightly rushed which is probably more of a finance issue than anything else.

bleach-anime-review7. Bleach

Synopsis: Ichigo Kurosakis is the leading protagonist in the Bleach anime series, a gifted high school student with the ability to see and communicate with spirits. Ichigo’s life dramatically changes course when he meets the soul reaper, Rukia who is forced to lend Ichigo her power (Reiatsu) so that he can protect Karakura Town in from evil lost souls (hollows). Little did he know that he’d be taking on the role of a substitute soul reaper on a more permanent basis.  Due to the immensity his Reiatsu, two of his high school friends – Chad & Orihime accidentally inherit super natural powers of their own. Chad and Orihime join Ichigo on his mission to protect the world from something much more terrifying than the Hollows they first encountered.

The things I like:  The character designs and the garments in Bleach are beyond awesome, especially in regards to the high ranking Espada warriors. The soundtrack for the anime series is also worth a mention as it greatly intensifies the already epic action scenes present throughout the show. Bleach is also quite comedic and the relationships/bonds between the characters are strong. Bleach is heavily packed with action and very simplistic in regards to the overall story, but it still never fails leaving you wanting for more.

The things I don’t like: One of the worst things about Bleach are the filler episodes as the crop up in the worst possible times. The fillers in Bleach really disrupt the flow of the main story as they sometimes appear in the midst of epic story arcs. The Bleach story as a whole is not very long and its simplicity can sometimes make it a dull watch but the epic action and new reveals are what’ll keep you coming back for more.

prince-of-tennis-anime-review8. Prince Of Tennis

Synopsis: Prince of Tennis follows the journey the young talented prodigy, Ryoma Echizen as he strives to become the world’s number 1 tennis player.  Although he quickly qualifies to secure a spot on the school team as a regular it’s not long before he learns that there are many other players who’re just as talented as him. What starts off as a simple anime about tennis quickly escalate into a super powered action packed frenzy with monstrous showdowns between the world’s most deadly players.

The things I like: The escalation of this anime series is endlessly amusing as it quickly gets to a stage that’ll have you wondering “can tennis really be this dangerous?” Prince of Tennis I s also very funny and the filler episodes between the arcs are also surprisingly entertaining.

The things I don’t like: At times it can seem as though the supporting characters are being ignored, this mainly occurs when there’s a slight jump in the story during a tournament matches as if they’re in a hurry to get us to the main event. Despite the amazing and epic ending of Prince of Tennis it did feel a little rushed and maybe could have done with a few extra episodes to really give the series the closing it deserves.

ghost-hunt-anime-review9. Ghost Hunt

Synopsis: Ghost Hunt follows the scary adventures of high school student, Mai Taniyama who hasb been forced to work for the world’s greatest ghost hunter – Kazuya Shibuya. Kazuya, often referred to as “Naru” because of his narcissistic attitude is the owner of the Shibuya Psychic Research Centre. Things become a little more troubling for Mai when her latent psychic abilities begin to surface and she becomes more involved that she perhaps cares to be in the cases they take on. Ghost Hunt is filled with plenty of shocks, thrills and horror and will have you cowering under your bed sheets from the get go.

The things I like: The concept of Ghost Hunt is pretty simple but its delivery is perfect. Despite being an animation it’s pretty scary and you may even struggle to watch some of the episodes late at night. The characters are pretty interesting and the ghost hunt team complement each other extremely well. However, it’s the growing relationship between Naru and Mai that’ll suck you in and have you begging to see what lies in store from them in the future.

The things I don’t like: This anime was amazing but far too short and leaves us forever wondering what may have come next.

future-diary-anime-review10. Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

Synopsis: Meet high school student Yukiteru (Yuki) who has been gifted with a diary that’ll give him updates on his future every 10 minutes. However, Yuki doesn’t get to enjoy this blessing for too long as he is soon forced to enter a battle royal with 12 other contestants, each with a diary of their own. The battle royal is set to last 90 days, by the end of which all but one of the contestants must be killed in order to prevent the coming apocalypse; the winner of the battle royal will become the new God of Time and Space, so this is truly a game where everything is on the line. Yuki teams up with his obsessive and violent stalker, Yuno , who vows to protect him to the end, Yuki even promises to give her life for Yuki to ensure his victory, but can she be trusted? Future diary is an epic tale of love, hate, suspense, friendship and betrayal, definitely not one to be missed.

The things I like: The Concept of Future Diary is pretty awesome and will have you wishing for a diary of your own. Future Diary is absolutely unpredictable and it’s impossible to guess just how the story will end.

The things I don’t like:The first few episodes can be quite confusing as there’s a lot to take in. Future Diary is also quite a short anime series with various points feeling quite rushed, especially in regards to some of the showdowns between diary owners. A few additional episodes would‘ve been great as we would’ve been able to see more of the powers various dairies have.

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