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Dragonbal Super – Review 2016

Dragonball Super Review – 2016


After catching up on Dragonball Super it was about time to return to the world of blogging! Like many anime/ manga lovers out there I’m big fan of Dragonall Z. It was a show I grew up with as a kid and always had a lot of fun with it; I didn’t mind Dragonball GT, but most would agree that it lost the essence of what Dragonball Z was. However, the Bebe saga and Shadow Dragon saga were quite promising concepts, as it would have sort of been like the story of Dragonball coming full circle.

Anyway, let’s move onto Dragonball Super. When Dragonball Z came back with the movies ‘Battle of Gods’ & ‘Resurrection ‘F’ it was a rather exciting time. I was very much looking forward to where the story could go with the revelation of the other universes etc. However, I can’t say that I am huge lover of the series thus far (currently at episode 41).

Battle of Gods Saga & Universe 6 Saga

To be honest. I thought these saga’s are fine for what they are, especially the ‘Battle of Gods’ as an introduction to the new expanded world of Dragonball. Universe 6 was alright, though the Super Saiyan Blue transformation could do with a little more explaining. What actually makes this form so special? I feel we’re at a point in Dragonball where it’s now hard to tell how much stronger someone has become, it’s all just words at this point as their growth cannot been seeing visually. The next step would be punching people through space and time itself or even into other planets… maybe that’s too far, but it’s Dragon Super after all, might aswell have some fun with it.

Most of my frustrations of Dragonball Super come of the Resurrection ‘F’ saga. It could have just been so awesome as opposed to the throwaway story that it is.

What Could Have Been – Resurrection ‘F’ Saga

The first time I watched Dragonball Z was during a Cartoon Network marathon. Like most of us who enjoyed the show I was hooked from the get go. Frieza was an absolutely terrifying enemy, I remember dreading what’d happen if he accidently bumped into Gohan or Krillin whilst they journeyed around the planet Namek.

With Frieza coming back in the Dragonball Super series it would have been great to really get into the gritty history of Frieza and his history, as it was never really explored in my opinion. I always found the planet trading business intriguing, who was Frieza trading with? Were the other space pirates as powerful as him? I mean it wouldn’t make sense for a character like Frieza feel as though he had bargain with people who were weaker than him. Surely we would just take what he wanted by force, so there must be some sort of system in place that even prevented him from always getting his own way.

Though the Dragonball Z story is known for its loop holes in storytelling, Dragonball Super would have been a great way to fill in some of those gaps. It would have been great to feel that terror we once felt from Frieza during the Namek saga, instead, it seems as though he was just turned into a parody of himself. Though I do enjoy the humour in Dragonball Super, I’d also have liked to have that epic scope of storytelling injected into the mythos of the Dragonball universe.

A New Golden Frieza Theory


It would have been much appreciated if Frieza’s power jump was better explained. It would have made sense that Frieza was once meant to become the new God of Destruction and had latent God like abilities hidden within him. However, due to his greedy nature and unwillingness to train or bend to the will of another Beerus/ Whis never took him on and left him to his own devices. Upon his revival Frieza should have returned to his home planet, despite him desperately wanting revenge on Goku, he is also a man of business (he was a planet trader after all) it’d make sense that now he is back he’d want the universe to know that he’s here reclaims his position of authority. Frieza would seek out the other planet traders who’d also be well aware of the saiyans abilities; perhaps they’d been keeping an eye on Earth for quite some time, but knew that there power wouldn’t be able to overcome that of Goku & Vegeta so they dared not approach it. Why not just destroy it from afar then? You may ask, simple. Earth is the most valuable planet in the universe as  there aren’t many if any other planets like it, it wouldn’t make financial sense to this space pirates to just eradicate; It’d be much better to wait for an opportunity to strike.

Now that Frieza back and knows that he is no match for the new Super Saiyan Gods he’s forced to make the decision to finally unlock his hidden abilities. Frieza could be trained by a God from another universe who seeks to one day hold dominion over Universe 7 as their universe is perhaps almost baron of all life. However, due to a universal law he/she cannot directly intervene until certain criteria are met for a God of Destruction to replace another; this God would be planning on using Frieza as way of taking out the Gods of this universe. The training Frieza would endure would be horrific since they’d be trying to force Frieza’s true form to the surface.

1000 Deaths

A cool training concept would be that Frieza would have to experience death a thousand times in order to unlock his abilities. This would be done through control methods so that he could be resurrected without the use of Dragonballs.

Due to the big power levels of the Dragonball characters, it’d definitely be better to take them off Earth. Bring back the sense of adventure that was present during the Dragonball & Dragonball Z series.

The Space Pirates

The planet traders/ rivals of Frieza would also be quite powerful. This would give characters like Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks & Tien something meaningful to do rather than just act as filler until Goku arrives.

As Gohan did sort during the Resurrection ‘F’ Saga as it currently stands, Gohan could realise the importance of keeping up some form of training, as there’d always be those who need protection, with the birth of his daughter, this would act as a new grate motivation for Gohan It would have also have been cool to see Gohan return to form as he was during Cell & some parts of theMajin Buu saga. Seeing other characters develop new interesting abilities would have also been something interesting to see; prehaps Piccolo creating new techniques with muscle manipulation & regeneration, Tien fully utilising the abilities of his third eye and Gotenks was always an interesting character to watch.

This saga would have ultimately ended with Vegeta  being the one to destroy Frieza. It would have been refreshing to  Vegeta finally vent all his anger and hate towards Frieza for what he did to the Saiyan race. In Vegeta’s final attack perhaps we’d truly see Frieza afraid of a Prince of Saiyan’s he once ridiculed.

A Fun Final Tie In


Just as a fun idea. It’d be fun to learn that when Bididi created Majin Buu, he actually did so because he was trying to create his own God of Destruction to over throw Beerus. Of course, he couldn’t perfectly replicate God Ki and ultimately lost control over Majin Buu, but at least this would explain somewhat why Majin Buu was so obsessed with well… blowing up planets.

Oh Well…

These were just a few quick & fun ideas I toyed with whilst watching the show. If it were to be done as a piece of fan fiction, a ‘what if’ version of the story if you will it could be pretty fun to see how it’d all play out.

I will continue to watch Dragonball Super, I only hope that the storytelling gets better as we move forward.


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